Green Earth

Why is afforestation so important?

Afforestation is process to plant a tree in barren lands . It is very important for our earth to keep green . Trees play a important role in keep the Earth’s air clean. In current scenario , due to continuous increase in population  , industrialization  and urbanization , it has been huge damage to earth’s greenary and therefore result is so horrible . Global warming and climate change are main consequences of cutting plants on large scale . So , there are enormous advantages of afforestation .

Let’s see importance of afforestation :-

1. Afforestation reduces desertification .

2. It increases amount of oxygen in           environment .

3. It provides raw materials , foods and timbers.

4.It reduces soil erosion.

5. It reduces air pollution

6.  It downs the earth’s temperature drastically .

7. It provides more sustainable ecosystem and also makes balance between flora and fauna .

8. Trees prevent the drought and provide greenery to the environment.

 So we should not cut the trees mercilessly because there are so important of human civilization . Trees can survive without us but we can’t survive without tress .Despite of killing trees , we should plant more and more trees to make the Earth more greenery because our beautiful Earth is only a favorable place for human in  infinite space of cosmos . How can we damage our home “Earth” ?? We should think ………

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