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What is physics ? Why do we study physics ?

We live in Nature and we are relevant part of it. The best “common” and “fundamental ” knowledge between us is that we’ll are made up of atoms including stars ,planets , satellites etc. This creates a great insights that what law we follow must be followed by everything  because everything is made up of atoms . The study of nature and natural phenomena which are followed by common physical laws , collectively study in single subject called “physics “.

What are physical laws? 

Any natural phenomenon can be described by multiple and infinite laws but those law which can be tested everywhere and perceptible to human senses become a physical laws which we study to understand nature and natural phenomena and make comprehensible to us.

Phenomenon of Nature doesn’t work on the way that particular law describes it but rather we are looking through window of law that make comprehensible to our senses using precise mathematics , for instances , if we say gravity is warping of space-time , it doesn’t mean spacetime is existing in universe and something heavy mass is warping it but rather it is mathematical model with precise geometry to make comprehendible to given phenomenon .

What is meaning to say ” understanding the physical laws ” ? 

It is most important to learn physical laws to understand various natural  phenomena . But how can we determine that we have understood that particular physical laws ?

Sir Rechard Feynman gave a great insights on it . According to him , let we imagine that this complicated array of moving things which constitutes “the world ” is something like a great chess being played by God and we’re observer of game . We do not know what the rule of game are ;all we are allowed to do is to watch the playing .Of course, if we watch long enough the game ,we may actually enter on to a few of rule The rules of the game are what we mean of law of fundamental physics .Even if we knew every rule , however , we might be not be able understand why the particular move is made in the game ,merely it is too complicated and our our mind is limited . If you play chess , you must know learning the rules are easy to learn and yet it is often very hard to select the best move to understand why the player moves at he does. Actually we don’t know whole rule . If we know whole rules ,we consider that we understand the world.

How can we reach a new law ? 

Our history of science witnessed great discovery which did revolution in understanding of Nature .For instance, great insights of of Galilio and Newton help us to know Nature in better ways. The mathematical equations of Einstein changed our views .But how did they reach new law of physics . Actually they used the rule of scientific methods

1)Keen observation

2) Reason

3) Experiments

4) Inquisitive about Nature


I am science enthusiast and I love to write blogs for students and youths who love science. I have deep interest in astronomy and cosmology. I believe that science is most effective tool to serve humankind. .