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Story of great Newton !

No doubt that Newton was greatest scientist of all time in his scientific arena . He developed laws of motion , calculus , and lot of work that changed the understanding of Nature forever . But he was a great man in his personal life also . You might have heard apple story .An apple fell on Newton’s head and he got idea of gravity .But here I have listed  two stories that prove Newton was very modest in his personal life also

Newton and his dinner : 

Newton had very busy life . Every minute was occupied in thoughts of experiment and he even grudges the time he had to spend in sleep and in taking meals with the result that he neither slept nor ate regularly.

A friend once called to see him , and learning that Newton was busy , he resolved to wait till he appeared for dinner which was already on table . After waiting for a considerable time he began to feel hungry , so he sat down and ate newton’s dinner .When at last the greatest man appeared , he greeted his friend and and sat down to have a dinner . On finding the dishes empty , he remarked without showing any surprise , “Oh ! I have already taken my dinner . How silly I am ! ”

Newton and his dog “Diamond” 

Newton had a dog named “Diamond ” . Newton used to work in “Mint” in day and he used to write his theory in night . He had written lots of research paper .

Once he left his bunch of papers on table with lit candle on it and  his dog ‘ Diamond ‘ was also in the room  . When he came in night , he surprised to see  that his months of research paper were burning away . When he realized that it was done by  his dog .He is known to have picked up the dog in his arms and saying,”Oh, Diamond, Diamond, little do you know the mischief you have done me!”

Other would have  killed their Dog after doing such mischief but Newton had a great soul and he was really a modest man .

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