“Missing Lithium Problem”, one of greatest mystery of Universe .

A widely accepted theory that is big bang theory states that how was our universe begin .

There is also many evidences founds which support “big bang hypothesis “. The evidences are cosmic microwave background radiation and cosmological red shift. But there is some problem always astonishing the physicist i.e. the missing lithium problem .

What is missing lithium problem ?

Now, let’s understand what is missing lithium problem in observation universe . When universe was very young i.e. after 3-5 min of big bang , first nuclei was formed through the process called “big bang nucleosynthesis” .The first nuclei was hydrogen nuclei i.e. proton and after few minute , helium was formed and later lithium-7  was formed .So nuclei of light elements such as hydrogen ,helium and lithium -7 were formed through Big Bang Nucleosynthesis ( BBN) which took places in between 10 sec to 20 min after the big bang .There was no more heat left which could combine nuclei further to formed the element heavier than lithium -7 .

What do physicists perplex ? 

For hydrogen and helium , the observed value corresponds to theoretical predicted value ,but level of lithium are only one third of what the theoretically predicted value. So there is three times less lithium found than what was at early stage of universe. This rise to inconsistency know as “Cosmological lithium discrepancy “. 

The gap between prediction and observations become more widen when scientists started to look up at stars . When we count lithium-7 atoms held in old stars , it seems to have less lithium than they should and younger stars have more . It becomes serious problem of physics because it cannot with normal physics equations and their models .


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