Interesting facts about planet Venus .

Venus is our neighbouring planet and second planet in order from sun. Like Earth,Venus is called terrestrial planet and also called “sister planet” of Earth because of their similar size to Earth.


Some Common Features of Venus
Mass Density – 5.243 g/cm3
Escape Velocity – 10.36 km/s
Mass -4.8×10^24 kg
Surface Temp. -Approx.450degree celsius

1) A day on Venus longer than a year

Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate once on its axis .This is because it is much nearer to sun and one one year on Venus is equal to 247 Earths Days .However ,there is another definition of a “day” called “sidereal day”. That is simply the planet’s rotation period . It is based on apparent motion of the Sun .It is the sidereal day that is longer than the year on Venus .The actual rotation for very slow rotation period is still not known. The best theory at present seems to be that it’s due to complicated effect of very thick atmosphere which causes huge ” tidal forces” ,slowly the rotation of moon (yet to be proved ). That is rather like the moon slows the Earth’s rotation (to a smaller extent ) due to ocean tides.

2)Venus rotates backwards

Venus rotates in opposites directions to the sun ,it is called retrograde motion .Reason behind it is really unknown .Some plausible theories suggest that heavy impact in every solar system caused it to rotate backward

3)Venus is hottest planet

The surface temperature of Venus is more than 450°C .This is because Venus’ atmosphere has very thick atmosphere of green house gases which trap lot of sun’s heat and increase the Venus surface temperature at that extent .

4) Venus is Earth’s sister planet .

It is because they are very close in size ,mass .
Venus’ mass= 4.8 ×10^24 kg
Earth’s mass= 5.9 ×10^24 kg
Diameter of Venus = 12,104km
Diameter of Earth = 12,742 km

5) Venus is morning and evening star – 

Venus is morning star and evening star because it is often visible either as the first bright star in the sky during twilight or the last bright star in the sky at dawn .

NASA’s mission to moon 

Because of wired characteristics of Venus ,NASA sent number of spacecrafts to Venus in order to explore Venus .

A) Tyazhely Sputnik in 1961 by USSR

B) Ventura 1 in 1961 by USSR .

C) Mariner 1 in 1962 by NASA .

D) Mariner 2 in 1962 by NASA

E) Kosmos 27 in 1964 by USSR

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