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How good is book “Origins:Fourteen Billion Years Of Cosmic Evolution “?

Origins: Fourteen Billion Years Of Cosmic Evolution was written by Neil Degrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith . Neil Degrasee Tyson is a popular astrophysicist with the American Museum Of Natural History ,director of World- famous Hayden Planetarium .

And Donald Goldsmith is an astronomy writer in Berkeley ,California and the author of more than twenty books .

Both writer gave stunning description of cosmic evolution on each scale .

“It’s hard to imagine a better man to reboot the cosmos than Neil deGrasse Tyson ” quoted by Dennis Over bye , New York Times . It is great book for astronomy and cosmology lover . It gave  wide description of all topics of astro. . 

Tyson tried to go in deep of each topics with great description . Matter and antimatter problem ,dark energy ,dark matter , origin of stars ,super nova etc like topics explored in better way . Tyson added the last chapter for those people who are interested in “extraterrestrial intelligence ” . He clarified Drake Equation , Fermi’s hypothesis and SETI work in the last chapter to go in deep .


Book is divided into five parts . Each parts have sub chapters .


Part 1;- The Origin of Universe 

part 2;- The Origin Of Galaxies and                        Cosmic Structure                          part 3:- The Origin of Stars                        Part4: – The Origin of Planets.                  Part 5:- The Origin of Life                          


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