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How fast does sun’s core spin than its surface?

Before some years , interior of sun was mysterious for astronomers but scientist have discovered mind bogling discovery about sun’s core .According to new discovery , interior of sun , that is , its core is spinning four time faster than its surface .

How did astronomers deduce to this result ? 

In 1995 , Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ( SoHo) was launched by NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) which was fitted with a special instrument called ” the Global  Oscillation at low Frequency (GOLF) ” instrument .This instrument emits Acoustic waves which penetrates the sun’s surface and reach its core .

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SoHo)

When these waves reach the core , they interact with gravity waves  which has sloshing motion . Astronomers carefully detected sloshing motion of Sun’s core . By carefully measuring the acoustic waves, the researchers precisely determined the time it takes an acoustic wave to travel from the surface to the center of the sun and back again. That travel time turns out to be influenced a slight amount by the sloshing motion of the gravity waves.

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