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Gaganyaan Mission : India’s First Manned Mission In Space

Indian space agency ,ISRO , has announced to send the human spacecraft by 2022 . The mission name is Gaganyaan Mission . The ISRO chairman Shri A S Kiran Kumar said the space agency is planning to have two unmanned mission before the manned mission in 2020/21. India will have to achieve this ambitious mission in 5 years. If India does launch the Gaganyaan mission successfully , it will be fourth nation to do so after United Nation , Russia and China . ISRO has already surprise to world by launching 104 satellites , of which 3 were Indian satellites. It is the largest number of satellites launched on a single flight by any space agency. Mangalyaan mission was also launched successfully in budget of $74 million .

The idea of an Indian Human spaceflight program is not new. ISRO first thought about it in 2004. They prepared a vision document in 2006 and started seeking Govt. approval for the program. But it wasn’t approved then because India’s economy and space technological advancement was not appropriate for a manned mission that time. ISRO sought 1.7 billion dollars for the entire manned program which wasn’t sanctioned but Govt. sanctioned only around 23 million to do R&D on various basic technologies.

ISRO continued to develop various required technologies and building blocks on their own silently in parallel to regular approved programs like satellite launches, Moon mission Chandrayaan-1, Mars mission Mangalyaan, Satellite Navigation and Positioning system development etc.

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