Best places in the world for stargazing

To admire our beautiful cosmos , you need to look up in night sky to see billions of star in one glimpse . Stargazers always hunt great sites to spot the universe because cities are full of light pollution and obscure sky .It becomes a hard task to chose right place for star gazing .  I have listed some best places in the world for stargazers on basis of few criteria such as clear night sky , high altitude , no light pollution , free from radio interference  etc. You must go there if you are passionate star gazer .

Atacama Desert , Chile 

It is great destination for stargazers from all over the world located in Chile , South America . It is at high altitude with dry air and clean night sky attract visitors . Due to no light pollution , it is great spot for astronomical observation . Number of astronomy projects have organised here .  There are several observatories such as “The La Silla Observatory” and “The Paranal Observatory ” which are operated by European Southern Observatory . Several hotels are there which give special offers to explore the cosmos in  1,000 kilometers of strip of dry land .

Atacama Desert ,Chile
Atacama Desert , Chile

Mauna Kea , Hawaii 

Mauna kea is one of most isolated peak and Hawaii heighest major peak at 4,207.3 m of altitude .It is one of best astronomical sites because of admiring Nature of Mauna Kea. It is great astronomical site because there is no  light pollution , crystal clear skies and other favorable condition .

Mauna Kea

Cherry Spring State Park , Pennsylvania

Cherry Spring State Park is great astronomical site in Eastern US (  Pennsylvania ) . It is widely popular among stargazers because it has darkest night skies and located at elevation of 2300 ft. and stretches over a 82 acres of area . Truly dark of its night skies and no light pollution make it a great destination for astrophotographers from all over the world .It is estimated that 10,000 stars can be visible without any telescope at this park . White trails of “Milky Way” can be see there .

Picture taken at Cherry Spring State park



Trysil, Norway

Trysil is located in Norway and one of best place to explore cosmos , it is stretches over a  of 3,014 kilometers square of area and attracts visitors from all over the world for night photography ,star gazing and to explore Norwegian Nature .Occasionally , we can see beautiful “Aurora Borealis ” at this place .

Death Valley National Park , California 

Death Valley National Park is a national park in the US and great tourist spot and last year ( in 2016) , it was estimated 1,296,283 visitors there . It is popular destination for astrophotography because it is located at remote area free from light pollution . 

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